• Author/Illustrator: Sheri Roloff Format: Interactive picture book; 8.5 x 11 hardcover, reinforced binding, dust jacket Pages: 32, Full Color Illustrations Ages: 3-8 Subjects: Dinosaurs, Hide-and-go-Seek, Pizza, Friendship, Sportsmanship Hardcover Price: $16.99 Release: March 6, 2018 ISBN: 978-0-9991437-1-1 LCCN: 2017959845
  • The Book at a Glance: Title: Crunchy, Not Sweet Author/Illustrator: Amy Ward Format: Hardcover, 8 x 7.25 picture book with thicker pages, reinforced binding Pages: 32 Illustrations: Full Color Ages: 3-5 Subjects: Red-eyed tree frogs, red-eyed tree frog diet, carnivore/herbivore Hardcover Price: TBA Release: September 4, 2018 ISBN: 978-0-9991437-2-8 LCCN: TBD Publisher: KWiL Publishing, LLC
    Little Tree Dude is hungry! He is also bored! Bored by his diet of squishy, mushy, worms. This red-eyed tree frog is ready to mix things up. And really, why not try a banana, some berries, and a grape? But with each new food he tastes, Little Tree Dude learns (as all carnivores must) there is a reason why he prefers a diet that is crunchy (and protein-packed!), not sweet. Young readers will fall in love with the cutest of red-eyed tree frogs and be captivated by this rhyming, taste-testing adventure through the rainforest.

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