//Get Down, Gibson!
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Author/Illustrator: Sheri Roloff

ISBN: 9780999143735

Format: Hardcover PB, dust jacket, end papers, 32 pages

Size: 9.25 x 9.25

Price: $16.99

Ages: 3-8

Pub Date: September 10, 2019

Main Description:

 Get Down, Gibson!is a laugh-out-loud, heartwarming picture book about a hipster walrus (Tom) adopting a sweet but mischievous cat (Gibson) and the slap-stick battle of wills and wits that ensues on their first day home. Will Gibson defy his new owner (and gravity) and stay perched on the ceiling forever, or will a determined (albeit comically unsuccessful) Tom find a way to turn the relationship with his new pet right side up?

The opening scene of Get Down, Gibson! feels much like the first line of a joke: A walrus walks into an animal shelter . . . And what follows isfunny.

Tom is introduced to an adorable cat, who immediately purrs and snuggles up on the lap of his new potential owner. Tom and Gibson are a match made in animal rescue heaven.

Until . . . they get home.

Proving, perhaps, why he is on his “second chance,” Gibson (the rapscallion!) heads straight for the ceiling, where he remains, despite Tom’s progressively desperate attempts to get him down (salmon flavored treats . . . a red laser dot . . . a guitar serenade . . . a trampoline . . . a precarious stack of living room furniture and books?!).  Gibson ignores, laughs at, and even mocks Tom’s attempts with the condescending disdain capable only of a cat.

 Get Down, Gibson’shumorous illustrations, quirky plot, and memorable characters will delight young readers in author/illustrator Sheri Roloff’s second comic-style picture book. Once again, Roloff has created a “read-it-again-worthy” kid favorite with a subtle but meaningful underlying message. Readers will finish the book reminded of the value of adopting a pet and why we should never give up on our furry friends, even when they are troublemakers!

 Get Down, Gibson! is the PURR-fect addition to any collection of children’s books.

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