Tamia of the Forest

The Book at a Glance:
Title: Tamia of the Forest
Author: Jim Nies
Illustrator: Rachel Ball
Designer: Sara DeHann
Format: Hardcover, 5.375 x 7.25, chapter book
Genre: Nature writing/environmental empathy
Illustrations: Full color cover, black and white interior
Pages: 48
Ages: 6-12
Subjects: Red squirrels, nature writing, nature stewardship, nature journaling, observation, young naturalists, ecosystems, environmental adaptation, environmental empathy
Release Price: TBA
Release: March 2019
ISBN: 978-0-9991437-3-5
Publisher: KWiL Publishing, LLC


Summary: When her summer’s end daydreaming is interrupted by a red squirrel (Tamia), young naturalist Joanna shifts her attention to the spritely forest dweller working diligently at…what? Joanna uses her imagination to find out, joining Tamia on an adventure that includes defending territory, leaping through trees, and stocking a larder hoard in preparation for the upcoming change in the season.

Tamia of the Forest’s compelling fusion of nature writing and magical realism, combined with exquisite pencil and ink illustrations, will inspire readers to act as young naturalists, taking notice of their own environment and documenting their observations in the Field Notes section included in the back of the book. Detailed descriptions of environmental adaptation and the forest ecosystem revealed through the eyes of a young girl who has imagined herself into the life of a red squirrel result not just in a great read, but also environmental empathy.