Jim Nies


Jim Nies is an avid writer and sailor, a naturalist and Great Lakes conservationist, educator, technology guru and father and grandfather to quite a few avid fisher people. Jim grew up in Crystal Lake, IL. He has a BSEd from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and an MS, CAS from Northern Illinois University. Jim co- owned and operated his family’s bookstore, Brainard’s Books, in Crystal Lake and Elgin, IL. For many years, he taught high school and college English, technology and photography classes.

He is a long-time Great Lakes sailor, and captained an eight-month cruise on a 36-foot ga cutter from Wisconsin to Florida and the Bahamas. He has been a columnist for Sailing Magazine, writing monthly book reviews, and is the author of many academic and Great Lakes based articles. He self-published a nature writing anthology titled Stepping into the Natural World: An Introductory Anthology of Nature Writing. He holds the U.S patent for the invention of an RDF Signal Identifier, a navigation aid that is now obsolete. Jim is also a certified windmiller, and for several years he was an operator of the historic Fabyan Windmill, a fully-functional Dutch windmill in Geneva, IL.

Jim and his wife reside in Whitewater, WI, for half the year and Kagawong, Ontario, a small town on Manitoulin Island, for the remainder of the year. Jim is a member of FLOW for Water and the Manitoulin Area Stewardship Council and had an article titled, “Living Along the Water in a Time of Climate Change,” published in the Manitoulin Expositor.


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