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Early Chapter Books

In consultation with industry insiders, including librarians, educators, booksellers, and kids, we are in the process of acquiring several early chapter book series.

Our chapter books range in length from 2,000-7,000 words. We have carefully pursued manuscript topics that appeal to kids who will be reading our books independently between first and third grade, although these particular books could also easily interest both younger and older readers.

We have three series that will have strong classroom as well as commercial appeal: a young naturalist series, a geocaching series with strong regional appeal, and a horse series built around STEM and survival skills. All of these stories either overtly or subtly include STEM-themes. They are authentic, empowering stories starring smart and adventuresome kids.

We are also working with an author to develop a My City series, which will engagingly explore the geography and history of several cities, beginning with Milwaukee. This series will be tied to national standards and have strong classroom appeal.

We will be working with illustrators to add a visual component to these exciting stories.

Please check back soon for updates.