We are excited to announce a deal with author/illustrator Amy Frances Ward for the publication of her picture book, Crunchy Not Sweet, slated for a fall 2018 release.

In every book we publish there is a little bit of magic—something that makes the book “read-it-again” worthy. Crunchy Not Sweet doesn’t have a little bit of magic. It has A LOT. One of my least favorite compliments to be paid a picture book is, “Oh, that’s so cute!” While well-intentioned (and likely true!) “cute,” to me, undercuts the hours, days, weeks, months, YEARS it takes to create a picture book. Cute invokes cutesy, which implies pleasing to look at but lacking substance. Ok, I think my bias is clear, so forgive me for now contradicting myself.

Little Tree Dude, the protagonist of Crunchy Not Sweet—is. SO. CUTE. But from now on, please refer to him as ADORABLE.

Adorable carries with it the weight of the work Ward has put into the creation of this pint-sized character with extra-large appeal and a science-lesson to boot, albeit a lesson expertly embedded in a compelling plot crafted around a question all kids love to ask: What does that animal, in this case a tree frog, eat?

Little Tree Dude has been, “…clinging and swinging and thinkin’ bout food.” But, “…his diet is boring. It’s time for exploring. He’s in a hungry, try-anything mood.”

So deep into the rainforest he delves, ready to spice things up. A theme emerges: “He takes a big bite…But something’s not right…” and by the end of his quest the carnivore in him rules the day. Finally, Little Tree Dude finds something, “CRUNCHY, not sweet…the perfect frog treat.”

What is it that satisfies Little True Dude’s hunger? Stay tuned, and we’ll share the answer and so much more—including the cover, sneak peeks at inside art, the logic behind our design decisions, as well as ADORABLE coloring pages and other free, downloadable activities for kids.

Click HERE to learn more about Amy Frances Ward.