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Welcome to KWiL, an independent, traditional, children’s book publisher in Milwaukee where we believe… 

books are just the beginning 

…the beginning of an adventure, of seeing the world in a new way, of a feeling, of a passion, of an understanding, a lesson, a performance, an activity, a question, an answer…a life-long love of reading. 

We have two goals for every book we publish.  

  • Kids will want to, “Read it again!”
  • Kids will be inspired to imagine, invent, and DO!   

From left: Abby Nies Janowiec, Sheri Roloff, Rochelle Groskreutz (Author), Leah Danz DiPasquale (Illustrator), Molly Damon at MKE Moms Blog Cookies with Santa Event December 2, 2017. 

Our Niche

We are particularly passionate about “scientific fiction” with STEM or Makers themes—stories that have well-researched and vetted scientific, technological, mathematical, engineering, or Makers-related content. At the heart of each are memorable characters and compelling plots. They are “read-it-again-worthy” in their own right, but they are also excellent supplements to a STEM or Makers curriculum.

We firmly embrace the #weneeddiversebooks campaign and prioritize publishing stories that are written and illustrated to reflect the diversity of our world.

We develop many corresponding interactive (and fun!) materials and either host or partner with community-focused businesses and organizations for literacy-themed events. Free materials and event news can be found through KWiL Club. KWiL is proud to work locally whenever possible. We build meaningful relationships with individuals, organizations, and other businesses for every step of our publishing, marketing, and sales processes. KWiL is committed to a spirit of openness, and we regularly share behind the scenes stories and photos documenting our start-up adventure and industry-related lessons learned on our blog.

Our very bottom line is quality, and we are highly selective when acquiring new manuscripts. That said, we are open to submissions, and we’d be honored to hear from you.

Our Team

It takes a solid team to publish excellent children’s books. Here’s ours:

Abby Janowiec, Owner and President, abby@kwilpublishing.com

Sheri Roloff, VP of Art and Design, sheri@kwilpublishing.com

Molly Damon, VP of Marketing and Sales, molly@kwilpublishing.com

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