Welcome to KWiL, a small press in Milwaukee that prioritizes quality, locality and social engagement with our books.

We publish “read it again” worthy commercial children’s literature and a genre we like to call “scientific fiction.” We define scientific fiction as fictional books for kids that include well-researched and vetted scientific themes and information and memorable characters and compelling plots. Many of KWiL’s scientific fiction books are written by experts in their field. These books are read-it-again worthy in their own right, and could stand alone as a commercial text, but they are also excellent supplements to a STEM curriculum.

KWiL works locally whenever possible. We are building meaningful relationships with individuals, organizations and other businesses for every step of our publishing process. For example, we are recruiting local talent, and local business partners for needs such as web design. We are printing our books with Worzalla, a Wisconsin-based and very high quality printer.

Headquartered in a community-friendly location downtown, KWiL also serves Milwaukee as an energetic literary and social hub. Our mixed-use space functions as our office, a mini-bookstore, and a social gathering space. This hybrid creates exciting opportunities for readers to engage with books, authors, illustrators and each other.

Readers will be able to officially join the fun through our KWiL Club, either in Milwaukee or online.

KWiL is a passionate creator and promoter of children’s literature because we believe in the power of good books to better lives.

Questions? Please e-mail abby@kwilpublishing.com, or sheri@kwilpublishing.com. We’d love to hear from you.

Founder & President: Abby Nies Janowiec 


Creative Director: Sheri Roloff